Armory Edition
Minimum participants:
2 persons
Fat Margaret’s Tower & Great Coastal Gate / Field of Towers / Patkul’s Viewing Platform / Toompea Hill & Castle / Danish King’s Garden / Harju Gateway / Inger Bastion / Knight’s Street / Town Hall and Square.

Armory Edition – Medieval Theme Tour

Walking Tour • 2.5 hours • from 18 EUR

The clash of swords, the song of bows and the shadows of tall towers will come back to life once more, as we explore the defensive capabilities of the city in the footsteps of the soldiers once guarding it. A childhood dream come true, if you will.

It might be the opinion of many that there is no greater enemy than time. While even capable of turning the greatest of structures to dust, it also remains a measurement for talents and ingenuity of the past. In that context, the old town of Tallinn is remarkably well preserved, no matter how you want to play it.

A great supplement for our Old Town Walkabout or your first introduction to the past ways of life, we take a curious look at medieval weapons, the men-at-arms wielding them, explore popular siege tactics, as well as the surrounding fortifications left standing. While painting this vivid picture of the dark ages, there is ample reason to put comfortable shoes on in the morning. Your journey to become a back yard warlord will at least require climbing a few towers and roaming the palisades. By the end, not only are you partaking in something from a History Channel program, but maybe continue to develop a strategical perspective for all the board game nights to come. And not to over-coat your cake, but if you have not held a sword or always wanted to feel the weight of armor on your shoulders, it might as well happen sooner rather than later on this tour.


  • 1 visit to Kiek in de Kök or Epping Tower museum
  • swords to hold and armor to carry
  • Nun’s, Golden Leg & Sauna Towers
  • a topside walk on city wall & palisades


  • medieval archery school
  • 1 visit to Virgin’s Tower hip café and ancient bottle collection