Patarei Prison
Minimum participants:
10 persons

Patarei Prison

Excursion • 1,5 hours • 10 EUR

Enjoy the prime sea-side view through prison bars. The inmates are gone though, so we have the whole place to ourselves.

Have you ever seen the peeling walls of a deserted prison, or walked down dark and gloomy hallways past countless holding cells, where individuals deemed most dangerous once spent their lives? No? Well, Patarei sounds ideal and you don’t need to commit a crime to see it, either. Originally built as a grand sea-fortress, it was later converted to a political and central penal facility. Nowadays the place has minor abandonment issues, may use a few flowers and a coat of paint, but still remains a most impressive reminder of a Soviet past.

By the way, if you are looking for a reason to wear your favorite sweater in the middle of a warm summer, this might be a good time. While the stories go from unbelievable to unimaginable, the thick walls all around also hold the function of a natural air-conditioning system.

All-in-all, you might need some refreshments or a power hug after this, but we provide the shoulders to stand on.

Soviet heritage:

While the infamous Patarei is definitely a unique experience, we can only arrange this in the moral support of a larger group. If you are just short a few peeps, just can let us know and we will connect the dots.