Prison Break
2-4 people

Prison Break

Escape Game • 1 hour • 39 EUR

Party like it’s 1946 in this live performance and interactive escape game. Do you have what it takes to break free from a Soviet interrogation cell? Tick-tock.

The prison of Patarei stands as a very real stage to bring a very distant recess of history to life. When you put on the striped jacket of a political prisoner, you and your team have 60 minutes to re-live a post-war story of intrigue and espionage, open locks, learn secrets and decipher codes. You might fancy yourself a magician or overly strong for this occasion, but a little logical thinking, imagination and team-work is all you really need.

Be prepared that success is not something guaranteed – in good faith we can promise you a good substitute for going to the pictures, a crazy team-building experience and a unique topic to share over the dinner table. There is a very real tale behind this game, so the decisions you make will affect the result. If you are all about testing your limits, consider this a personal challenge. Tick-tock.


The game is available in two configurations - a sort-of easy and hard modes for completion, as well as several routes of escape. And no, you do not need to bring a spoon to dig a tunnel. Any languages you speak may provide alternative possibilities.


While completely awesome and worthy of telling about to present or future grandkids, we want to clear the air. The game contains political themes, borsh jokes and mild depiction of violence. The closed spaces and temporary confinement might not be for the best, if swayed by claustrophobia.