Saints & Sinners
Minimum participants:
2 persons
St. Olaf’s “fireplace”/ Tower behind Monks / Wide & Long Street / House of the Blackheads / Long Leg Gate & Tower / Cathedral of Alexander Nevski / Catherine’s Passage / Holy Spirit’s Church astronomical clock

Saints & Sinners

Walking Tour • 2,5 hours • from 17 EUR

While praying may not be the most popular occupation around anymore, Tallinn’s religious past is well worth a sightseeing and the many laughs along the way. Prepare to meet the saints in living memory and colorful heretical beliefs.

Going to church may seem like the most common of religious rituals, but no matter the background, we will have our own reasons for it. Thinking about religion on display, however, the abundance of sacred spires giving grace to tangled streets is surprising, since the contemporary reality could not be further from it. A runner-up for the most atheist societies in the world, the reason for a sudden decline in Estonian piety can only be understood in retrospect going back to the Soviet era of things, when sacral architecture accommodated a combination of perspiration and heavy lifting – by the end of it

Still, a great many remains and on the holy side, we will have the breath-taking view from St. Olaf’s spire, look upon the silver collection of St. Nicholas’ church, and take a closer look, what religious crafts still have to offer. To address possible reservations you might have at this point, be assured that it does not take a believer to find devotion exemplary, prayers moving or the holy icons to be beautiful. On the dark side of things and strangely enough, the shared imagination of an afterlife was never enough to dominate popular beliefs in the dark ages. A time before the Northern crusades remained a source for fear and superstition for us to explore. In the rare instance of soul-searching emergencies, black cats and active spells during this excursion like the Divine Comedy never written, be sure to inquire about pragmatic redemption techniques or venders selling indulgences in your convenient location.


  • 1 climb to St. Olaf’s spire and viewing platform
  • an excursion in St. Nicholas’ Church and Treasure Chamber
  • notorious glance at The Dance of Death
  • 1 visit to St. Michael’s Swedish Lutheran or Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church museum
  • St. Mary’s coat-of-arms collection
  • 1 prayer candle & 7 blessings