Legacy: In a city so old, every stone and spot has a story. Be sure to experience a fine collection including the colorful tale of a painted window & the Devil’s wedding.

Telltale Tallinn
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Telltale Tallinn

Walking Tour • 2,5 hours • 14 EUR

Have you ever heard the story of Duke Charles Eugène du Croy, better known as the Livonian mummy once on display like a pair of new shoes? If not, consider this to be your new collection of colorful bedtime stories.

Taking on a new direction in urban exploration, we will rely on myths, legends and advanced storytelling to paint us a picture of history.

To follow on the suspense, however, Charles was a nobleman promoted by Peter the Great to field marshal general in charges of leading the Russian forces. Not taking the threat of war seriously and unable to speak the language, he suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of the Swedish army. Captured still sleeping in his tent, he was soon released in Tallinn as a man of honor, only to follow up on a high life of French wine, gambling and other afflictions. The local merchants soon insisted he stayed on until all debts have been settled, making his sudden death at the age of 52 untimely for everyone. Instead of being buried, his body was held hostage in a church basement until relatives or friends could take an interest. 117 years later, Charles was discovered to be well-preserved and mummified, becoming overnight a local celebrity once more and a tourism attraction. How did the story end for the poor frivolous general? It would seem, there is only one way to find out, and many more tales lined up to humor and behold.


  • The Three Sisters
  • the tale of Dannebrog
  • The Pesky Monk
  • love story of St. Olaf & Fat Margaret
  • medieval Cirque du Soleil
  • mermaids in the Cat’s Well
  • the Don Juan of Tallinn
  • origins of the Virgin’s Tower