All time favorites: The Kadriorg district is arguably the best place to go and enjoy 300 years of cultural diversity in a couple of hours. Of course, the parks and gardens make for endless promenading.

Early Bird Special
Starts from:
Starts at:
Yacht Marina / Kadriorg Park & Palace / Presidential Residence / KUMU Art Museum / Song Festival Grounds / Maarjamäe Memorial & Sculpture Park / Pirita Sailing Center & Monastery / Russalka

Early Bird Special

Cycling Tour • 3 hours • 17 EUR

Experience all of the seaside splendors to the East of Tallinn. Feels like a picnic on bicycles, surrounded by squirrels and cultural heritage to impress.

Providing the appeal of time travelling, we leave behind the rushing routines of modern life and seek out in good company the historical present of Tallinn - from Kadriorg, created by the might of a Russian czar, to examples of more recent Soviet urban endeavors of Lasnamäe on a good sunny day, with KUMU, the Song Festival Grounds, Maarjamäe and vigorous Pirita in between. These names may not say much yet, but soon enough you can replace them with happy adjectives and feel like a local navigating the streets. But be warned, this is no ordinary point- and-shoot type of a tour, for offering complete relaxation and the acute possibility to feel an emotional musical inside you is a must, and our solar tour guides will definitely contribute to this all the way. And it is worthy to mention of the distinct possibility to meet the president of Estonia and his happy bow-tie collection, so practicing dignified excitement in front of a mirror is advised.