Exclusive: For the first time ever, you can go down to the other side of Tallinn for a delightful relaxation and panoramic photography, yet still be back for supper.

Seaside Adventure
Starts from:
Starts at:
Old Fish Market / Tallinn Creative Hub / City Hall & Marina / Seaplane Harbor / Port Noblessner / Catherine’s Pier / The White Tower / Soviet Coastal Artillery / Paljassaare Cliffs & Peninsula

Seaside Adventure

Cycling Tour • 3 hours • 18 EUR

Cozy cafes and food that tastes like health. The endless appeal of the sea. This tour will guarantee to give butterflies wings and a feeling of a better tomorrow.

To the West of Tallinn, as we navigate the seaside wonders and bicycle lanes, the perfect view of a blue shimmering will be complimented by a refreshing breeze, carrying over the turbulent waves the constant complaining of seagulls. During one of many stops along the way, and a road trip game of counting boats, a long pier will run in the water, where a rare sight on the horizon of the city awaits. And in that moment, you shall find the tea to be English, the bicycles Italian and the humor Estonian, so it has the makings for a great time, indeed.

Curiously, there is always more to expect, so imagine a perfect landscape in the middle of traffic and people busying themselves, where unwinding comes as naturally as blueberry jam in an ice-cream in this forgotten paradise for birds and only a shoe-drop away on a sandy beach. A bathing suit may come in handy, if you are feeling up for it.