Eastern Adventure
Starts from:
In front of the Freedom Monument in Freedom Square
Starts at:
9:00 AM (May – September)
1-7 persons
Child (under 12):
39 EUR
Private Tours:
1-3 people: 300 EUR; 4-8: people 360 EUR, 8+ people: please ask us for a quote; (Available year round.)
Rebala Bronze Age Graves / Kiiu Tower / Viru Bog Trail / Palmse Manor Estate / Altja Fishing Village / Käsmu Captain's Village / Jägala Waterfall

Countryside Getaway: Lahemaa national park

Day Trip • 8-9 hours • 59 EUR

Join us for a fun trip and discover the beautiful landscapes of the most popular destination in Estonia.

The Advantage of having a tiny human population is that there’s plenty of space left for Mother Nature to do her thing. And in Lahemaa National Park, she has done her thing in a whole lot of style! Lahemaa means the “Land of Bays”, though it’s not just the stunning coastline that makes it worth a visit. You will also find quaint fishing villages, beautiful historic manor houses, the smallest castle in the Baltic Counties, a Bronze Age grave yard and quintessentially Estonian forest trails. The Viru Bog Walk is an Estonian essential experience. Palmse manor House is an iconic Estonian attraction. If you’re really lucky you may be able to see some Estonian wildlife, such as bears, lynx or moose, though they’re pretty shy. You will however see a whole range of birdlife, including the storks who nest in chimneys and on telephone poles. The Estonian people and their culture are inextricably linked to the land, making a trip to Lahemaa a must. This tour is co-operated with our friends from EstAdventures.