Decisions, decisions: As we are looking for panoramic sunset views of the city skyline, this tour follows the Early Bird Special or Seaside Adventure coastal tour routes. It is optional for private tours, but on casual evenings, we will have a coin ready to show us the way.

Midnight Streets
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Midnight Streets

Cycling Tour • 3 hours • 18 EUR

A good alternative to party-driven hangouts, as you cruise around in the orange glow of street-lamps and feel the rushing evening air.

A different perspective rises as the sun sets on the horizon, a stylish set of wheels ready to take you places, the after-work hours feeling of absent obligations, and the growing dependence on the highlighting quality of shimmering illumination all around. There is nothing more enjoyable. Follow one of our daily cycling tour routes and add a romantic tingle to the first or previous experience of urban exploration, as we conduct our inspiring conversations in the head-lights of bicycles. And should you in the slightest feel left out from the celebratory happenings of the local Bermuda triangle, we will just set all of our portable beacons of light to blink in the rhythm of spontaneous dance moves to be. No pressure.