Alternative: Known as the „Fish House“ district, it started out as a fishing community only to become Estonia’s fashion capital full of hip & retro-functional design, while able to remind of early morning pancakes and the love of grandmothers.

Wandering Kalamaja
Starts from:
Stairs of Patkul
Starts at:
Shnelli Park / Soviet flea market / Telliskivi Creative City / iconic wooden architecture of Kalamaja / Salme Cultural Centre / Kalju Church / Kalma sauna / Patarei prison.

Wandering Kalamaja

Walking Tour • 2 hours • 12 EUR

Defining the word ‘alternative’, we embark on a funky crusade to have a better look behind the curtains of the local life in the making, and find an imaginable balance between a post-soviet mentality and retro-design hipster culture.

Because leisurely strolls are becoming increasingly rare in an alarming fashion, we would like to play the part. And to make things even more appealing, you will want to get away from the regular tourist traps and barter for fresh strawberries like crazy. There will be everything, from passion over pots and posters, to vegetables in all shapes of sizes, scattered between happy trains, venerable old ladies and adorable architectural cuisine. Just outside the shadow of the city walls is a place, where all of this meets in a fusion of a tranquil village and the rapid heart-beat of a metropolis. It may sound a bit like a street performance, but it shall not leave you wanting. And a promise – it will all make perfect sense by the end of it, and nothing shall make you move mountains like the smell of sweet pastry heaven hanging in the air. You might even get on a few extra design or clothing related ideas out of it, as our walk around will take us dangerously close to the capital-district of refined tastes and odd-looking happy people.