Western Wonders
Starts from:
In front of the Freedom Monument in Freedom Square
Starts at:
9:00 AM Mondays & Fridays (May – September)
1-7 persons
Child (under 12):
39 EUR
Private Tours:
1-3 people: 300 EUR; 4-8: people 360 EUR, 8+ people: please ask us for a quote; (Available year round.)
Padise Monastery / Haapsalu Castle / Haapsalu Promenade / Vihula Manor / Ungru Manor and Air Base / Haapsalu Train Station / Koluvere Castle / Laitse Castle and charming pub

Western Wonders: Haapsalu

Day Trip • 9-10 hours • 59 EUR

Go for an enjoyable day to the premier seaside resort of Haapsalu and everything else to be considered as the best of the West.

On the Western Wonders tour we take in a diverse range of manor houses and castles all the way from Tallinn to the West Coast. The tour is centered around Haapsalu, a charming seaside town with an atmosphere in which you can’t help but relax. The best way to take in the stunning seaside views is to climb the tower of Haapsalu Castle. For those who dislike heights, you’ll have no problem using the extra time exploring the castle museum, grounds and cathedral. You might even catch a glimpse of the white lady, the ghostly symbol of Haapsalu.

On the tour you will be able to take in the eerie expanses of an abandoned soviet air base. We will visit Koluvere Castle, which has arguably the prettiest setting of any building in Estonia. You will have a chance to explore the ruins of Padise Monastery. Finally we will wind down and discuss what we have seen over a refreshing drink in the lovely bar in the Neo-Gothic Laitse Manor.